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Best Health Apps According to Info New Technologies

Keeping everything balanced, including working, doing sports, having healthy meals and drinks, finding time to have time or even meditate, can be so stressful most of the time. As time passed by and technology starts dominating every aspect of our lives, Info New Technologies believes that it is totally not wrong to have some assistance from phone applications to set schedule, keep records on your diet and workout schedule, to help you feel happier in general.

How Monitoring Our Diet Should be in the Modern World

One may not find it just right as what they’ve been wishing for, but nowadays tools can be really helpful if we can and are really willing to take good advantages from them. That is exactly why you should check out these most recommended, best health apps that help you monitor a healthy diet for your body and mind according to Info New Technologies. Apart from this article, you can also always find beneficial posts about a healthy lifestyle in the platform.

Best Health Apps for Overall Use

  1. MyFitnesPal

The number one best health apps nowadays are MyFitnesPal that will help everyone keep the tracks of their healthy diets, specifically in terms of meals and drinks one should have. This diary of food and beverage consumption converges nutrition information to restaurant reference. So, this application is definitely a must-have when someone has committed to start living a healthier lifestyle by consuming also healthier meals and drinks. The database keeps track of one’s intake each day, along with the needed and detailed information as stated. Whether one’s aiming to lose or gain weight, this Android and iOS application will guide and offer what one would really need before eating.

  1. Headspace

Another concern in pursuing a healthier lifestyle is sure not only about the food and beverages. Being healthy is more than just managing what you eat and drink daily, but also rather about how another one actually exercises or even do sports. There have been countless researches that show meditation plays a very important role, too, in achieving health. Therefore, this Headspace application, that’s available in both Android and iOS, would guide the user with everything while having routine meditation agenda. The guidance includes meditation to help one relieve anxiety, manage stress, and sleep.

  1. Fitplan

A one-stop health application, it is! The fit plan acts as your partner in performing the right amount of workouts. This application, that’s available in both Android and iOS, shares step-by-step of a workout session as one must be really craving for, to training from professional athletes and trainers. Luckily, through this application alone, one already has the ability to set goals, like weight loss or mass gain, in order to go through the exactly needed program.

  1. SleepCycle

Do you know that having a good amount and quality of sleeping includes in the aspects of a healthy lifestyle, too? Now, you know, and you may be needing SleepCycle as soon as possible especially when you find troubles in sleeping well. Sleeping indeed plays a fundamental role in one’s good health and life. This Android and iOS application will definitely help the users gone through that by offering training about how one should repair their blood vessels and heart rate, balance their hormones, and maintain their blood sugar levels. This one will also track your quality and hours of sleep. Hopefully, you’ll feel way better in the morning thanks to its nice and beneficial features.

  1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is another health application, that’s available for Android and iOS users, that gives out workout class up to 30 new classes every week available. The application indeed pursues to give the users experiences in performing workout a la gym, but it’s just all at your home. Feel better through discipline as you’re also learning about stretching, strength training, running, to yoga through this application.

So, which one of the recommended, best health apps from Info New Technologies that you find desirable to install? Each application sure enables you, as the user, to a system where everything healthy is packed in a neat and right schedule, along with advice and tutorials you may very much need, with good monitoring and evaluating system, too. Don’t forget to catch up with the other articles on the site to feel better start living in a healthier world of yours.

The Benefits for Health from Playing Paintball

Paintball is pretty much an intense yet exciting game to play. Considering we are armed with a mask and weapon, the game is both beneficial to build a firmer body, gain a faster ability to form strategies and provide a platform to interact with fun with so many people. The paintball itself, for your information, is loaded with ammunition that is gelatin shells of some type of paint that can perform markings on the opponent’s body or an object when being hit. It’s such an experience with advantages that definitely we should try at least once in our lives!

Playing Paintball is Beneficial

Knowing its ability to perform such good points to our physical and social health, four-time number one world’s fitness trainer Samir Becic, has concluded there are at least 5 health benefits we can gain from playing paintball.

Health Benefits from Playing Football

  1. Add spices to the daily routine

Paintball is such a great alternative to indoor-outdoor activity for people who commonly do not have enough time to really do sports, such as going to the gym, jogging or running, to swimming. Also, it is a very great experience to have with lots of people. It will be very interesting to add spices and interests in mostly boring, packed up a regular routine, and it is not a usual kind of workout. It takes you to a short yet exciting escape from daily routine without cranking up to the concept of doing sports or working out. This one activity only has included running to climbing.

  1. Concludes full form of work out

As it is said before, this one activity alone has contained running and climbing. Now, not to mention playing paintball requires tasks like crawling, diving, dodging, to targeting and shooting. This fast-paced activity that also needs good brain work to perform strategies can be said has concluded full forms of a body work out. Luckily, we as the players are so happy caught up in such circumstances without hardly thinking we’ve actually been exercising a lot. And, of course, it is beneficial. It can be such a good reference for people who find it not easy to stick with the general form or work out or routine form of exercise. It escalates motivation and body works at once to provide participants an enjoyable atmosphere to actually move around.

  1. Increase strength and endurance

Certain activities that are included in regular or routine work-out programs only target particular health benefits. In fact, playing paintball at once has been proven to boost strength and provide endurance at once through an incredibly fun atmosphere. It, firsts, gives us experience in empowering cardiovascular functions. Then, some meaningful times of doing it actually perform enough time of legs exercises through running to squatting, and arms exercises through shooting and tackling. It has all the cores of equipping the body with enough work-out.

  1. Ultimate stress relief

The tasks that get us to keep moving during the game overall are good for health in terms of weight loss. The exercise performed in such entertaining nuance doesn’t give us so much stress on what else to do. Nevertheless, it is an ultimate stress relief after all. It is a nice way to be physically active and engaged in something that will lead to eliminating stress from the previous workloads or routines.

  1. Promotes good interpersonal communication

Finally, playing paintball isn’t only beneficial to empower or physical health, but also mental health. Good communication and hunting skill are some fundamental keys to succeeding paintball. Nonetheless, it all is arranged in such fun coordination. Plus, the bodies are kept on moving so it brings back excitement to our health apart from the original kind of doing sports.

Helpful Tips to Do a Successful Sugar Detox

Sugar can make people addicted to it. Its ingredient eventually can damage health if it also consumed too much. In order to get back to the right track, meaning living a way healthier lifestyle, a sugar detox is the quickest way to let go of the habit of consuming too much sugar.

This article will try to provide information about what a sugar detox is actually, the urgency to do a sugar detox, and some helpful tips to be able to gain the effectiveness that is desired by going through such diet. Let’s start setting ourselves up for staying the less-sugar lifestyle!

The Urgency of Sugar Detox

Undergoing a detox means using the dietary lifestyle to support and even enhance the body’s existing detoxification pathway. In fact, our body already has every tool needed to be effectively performing detoxifications. This process is applied to regular body hormones, food waste, possible external toxins, and excessive substances that have gone through our blood. However, our body can feel too pressured or burdened, too, if an unhealthy lifestyle has been performed, for example, if there are too many consumptions presented. It leads us to the realization that we need to support the natural detoxification process by having more water, fiber, and exercises.

In this term, too much consumption of sugar can lead to an unhealthy condition. The importance to have a sugar detox is because the brain needs a break and helps to rewire from too much of its consumption.

Tips on Doing Sugar Detox

Below are some tips that we can perform on how to do a sugar detox successfully. Throw away the bad habit, and welcome to a less-sugar, healthier world of ours!

  1. Drink more water

If you do think you’ve been drinking soda and other sugary drinks more regularly than plain water, start quitting the habit and replacing the drinks with just water instead. The other alternatives can be unsweetened healthy tea and sparkling water. Soda and popular sugary drinks are totally not innocent, especially when we’re talking about the artificial sweeteners used that are above the suggested serving amount.

  1. Increase healthy fat and proteins

Meals with healthy fats can reduce our craving for excessive sugar intake. Fat is actually keeping the blood sugar level steady, and helping us to feel full. On the other side, enough protein for breakfast helps us to stay low on the sugar intake for lunch and dinner. The healthier dishes can be in the form of fresh fruits, especially avocado, coconut, and its products, nuts, and seeds.

  1. Live a healthier lifestyle

Basically, managing sugar intake can be really done by keep tracking the healthier lifestyles to perform. Manage stress wisely, so you don’t crave for too many sugary contents. Get enough sleep in order to stop the cravings for sugary meals and drinks because the blood sugar level hasn’t been stable since the night. Finally, never skip meals. Skipping meals only make you crave more sugar to feel up again. Keep your meals balanced and scheduled consistently. That way we have avoided taking too much sugar before it goes wrong.

Discovering Exercise Hormone, Irisin

Exercise hormone called Irisin starts to be said as the key to the growth of bone cells. The hormone is also said to be able to provide needed treatments for cases like osteoporosis, bone disease prevention, and burning excessive fat.

Scientific Facts about Exercise Hormone Irisin

Many researchers have reported that Irisin, the name of hormone released when one performs physical exercises, can directly act as a fundamental key to control the formation and even breakdown of a bone. Meaning, this hormone that the muscles released during any physical exercise, can both empowering the building of strong bones to protect it from being affected with diseases. Below are some scientific facts that the researchers stated previously about the hormone and it on being the treatment for building healthy bones and preventing the bones from disorders.

  1. Researchers from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute discovered that the identification of the hormone Irisin was first done in 2012. They initially identified the molecular reception fo the hormone Irisin. This receptor allows hormone Irisin to bind and provides good substances that the bones themselves need, such as osteocytes to provide a solid foundation of bond formulation and at the same time prevention for many bone diseases. Humans’ bones tend to not produce such substance anymore as they grow older.
  2. Researchers from Cell Biology and Medicine at Harvard Medical School have provided meaningful information regarding the existence of hormone Irisin, including its ability to serve as an advantageous item after one doing exercise, just so they can keep performing various physical routines. Irisin gives benefits starts from burning fats, enhancing the strength of humans’ bones, and decreasing the risk of disorder affection like the neurodegenerative possibility of human bones.
  3. Researches have not yet fully identified the real structure of this exercise hormone, Irisin, but have failed to predict its existence and its nature to bind with human cells and tissues. Irisin may have been formed from some amount of proteins, called integrins. The groups are then called out as the producers of osteocytes that will surface humans’ bones and help it not being affected by many illnesses. Basically, osteocytes will keep commanding the bones to remodel. That is why the existed bones remain rigid, the loss of bones cells can be reproduced, and some pathological bone issues can be tackled.

Experiments using Exercise Hormone, Irisin

Experiments have been conducted to really test the potential function of this exercise hormone, called Irisin. It is said before that the hormone can both prevent and cure illnesses such as osteoporosis, bones thinning and weakening, as the hormone is rarely produced any more when people get older.

Osteocytes, the main aspect of the hormone that, despite the gradual age of humans, will still help the bones stay in good condition. With the availability of osteocytes and the hormone Irisin, humans will also produce sclerostin, another protein that even supports bone remodeling. At some point, such experiments have been claimed dangerous more than beneficial, but most researchers insist that it can show a nice interpretation of how Irisin really is functional to a healthy bone condition.

Getting to Know Intermittent Fasting to Empower Health

Have you ever heard about intermittent fasting? Is it safe to perform and even recommended by health practitioners? This article will try to explain first what intermittent fasting is actually about and point out the benefits to empower our health.

About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a term used for representing a pattern or way of eating that includes some amount of time where a person only eats a limited number or doesn’t eat at all. The practice is either one of them and usually focusing on calorie intake.

The most popular and applicable version of intermittent fasting is the one including taking all food consumption in an eight-hour phase. After that, the practice is followed by a 16 fasted (restricted or not eating at all) hours. For instance, imagine you have all the meals and drinks consumed only between 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, and restricting calorie intake or going on a full fasting mode from 06.00 pm to 100.00 the next day.

There is also a version that involves a 5:2 diet that will separate your week into 5 days of eating and 2 days of restriction or fasting. On the chosen 5 days, you are probable to have anything that you want to eat and drink, while on the remaining 2 days, you are only allowed to take maximally 500 calories each day for women and 600 calories for men.

Where some said this method of fasting could be harmful because it sounds dangerous and impossible from the start, some even believe that humans have the ability to get used to such conditions. Humans actually take meals and drinks more proportionally like this way. Besides, fasting has also been known as a religious way of living healthily.

Intermittent Fasting to Empower Health

Some research has shown pretty interesting results on this kind of fasting. Most people will try performing it in order to lose some weight, and they are able to do it eventually. Below are the potential benefits of intermittent fasting on our health empowerment.

  1. Basically, intermittent fasting can really work for such purpose because one has limited the time and obviously the number of meals they have. The purpose of this method is not only to be more disciplined in terms of having food and drinks in a day but also to push ourselves to follow only at what time we are allowed to eat. When our body doesn’t get enough energy from foods and drinks we usually have, it uses stored fat as the fuel source. This way will shrink the size of fat, and weight loss will be the ultimate result.
  2. More about intermittent fasting, it turns out to also help to reduce the chance of inflammation. Any kind of fasting can affect hormones actually. Specifically this kind, it is beneficial for producing only good hormones such as HGH for fat loss and muscle gain, and BDNF for cognition, and after all, decreasing the level of insulin in the blood. Intermittent fasting is also believed to improve cardiovascular function and brain function. Again, it is a win for the doer.

Steps to Get and Maintain a Healthy Brain

Getting older is inevitable. At some points, everyone will start getting older than they have ever been before, and there must be moments where they feel they have aged. Have you ever walked into a room and forgetting what you intended to do? Memory lapses, sometimes caused by the lack of brain function, can obviously happen to anyone at any age. The thing is one should really take care of their brain.

A condition called Cognitive Decline

Brain function that keeps decreasing as time passed by is also commonly called as memory lapses or cognitive decline. However, aging alone can’t be determined as the sole reason why someone keeps forgetting things or not being able to think as they think they should have before. Significant memory loss that occurs among elderlies can happen according to aging, disorders, injuries, severe illness and brain damages.

Many studies have succeeded in proving that cognitive decline and any other dysfunctional brain condition can be treated and even prevented. To help to protect the damage from unhealthiness, some regular and good healthy habits that can be performed since early ages including:

  1. Stay active physical and psychologically
  2. Have enough and quality sleep
  3. Don’t smoke
  4. Interact well with people
  5. Not drinking alcohol
  6. Perform a balanced diet

Steps in Getting and Maintaining a Healthy Brain

Based on many studies, it is believed that there are steps that can be done to preserve the good condition of one’s brain that makes the brain sharp at any age. Thanks to research and science, there are still steps to do to keep the brain active. These are the best strategies to get and maintain the healthy condition of the brain, and even improve one’s memory regardless of age.

  • Try to be actively learning

Keep your mind and physics active by always learning something new. The higher one’s education level is, the better their functioning too even though everyone is aging. Experts have said that advanced learning ability and desire help one maintain the strength of their brain because it challenges the brain, physics, and mental to stay active. Do regular exercise like finishing a crossword, or trying to learn something you’ve never known before. Stimulate the brain, physic, and mental to work continuously balanced. Therefore, one should never say no to have some prospects in new hobbies or skills.

  • Take advantage of all senses

In fact, the more senses that one uses to do basic activities to even learn something new, the better the work that the brain can perform. The brain is pushed to retain the memory, which is good to keep the healthy condition of the brain. Brain damages are most commonly caused by the inabilities of one to perform actions using more senses regularly. Therefore, it is important to keep each all senses active and challenged.

  • Repetition is fundamental

Have you ever heard that something can be remembered easily if you’re not only thinking about it but also keep reminding yourself about it? Repeat what you just read, heard, wrote, or thought of. This way will lead you into enforcement of the brain so that it will make connections to things and rarely forget.

  • Make priority, and believing yourself is a must

You don’t need to remember everything at once, though. Actually, you can play smart by writing down or narrowing all tasks down, then make a priority list. Make sure you remember the important things first, then the others shall follow. The method in arranging your priority list can vary from taking some notes in calendar or phones, make destined folders, and create specific informative notes. Let’s not forget how essential it is, too, to believe in yourself that sometimes positive messages can be very necessary when it comes to improving your brain work.

  • Take some time off

Last but definitely not least, take some time off to space some burdens out. Everything should be in its place, and you know it well the urgency to get and maintain a healthy brain is a must. Instead, keep calm and keep tracking your time to make everything balance for both the work and rest. Spacing out also can help you keeping memory because there isn’t any complicated that gets your mind overworked.

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