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Coronavirus Symptoms

How to Detect Coronavirus Symptoms and Their Level of Severity

The year 2020 is a year that is quite frightening with an outbreak of a Coronavirus suddenly goes worldwide. The rate of spread runs very fast with Coronavirus symptoms that get worse day by day. Some people managed and able to recover, but not a few who died and became victims. This outbreak has attacked almost the entire world and became a pandemic. All nations in the world stand by against it. What are the Coronavirus symptoms day by day?

Progress in Coronavirus Symptoms Day by Day

Research shows that patients suffering from this pandemic experience similar Coronavirus symptoms on the same day. A study of 190 people conducted by Wuhan University of China, showed that symptoms started from fever, fatigue to shortness of breath. In most people, the first symptom is fever with a body temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius.

Other early symptoms are dry cough, muscle aches to fatigue. In a study conducted in Wuhan, about ten percent of the 138 patients experienced diarrhea and nausea a few days before the onset of fever. But please note, not all patients experience the above symptoms. Some patients also do not even show any symptoms at all. Coronavirus symptoms day by day are different for each person. However, this can be concluded with some progress as below.

1. Day 1

Patients will experience fever with a body temperature reaching 38 degrees or more. They will also feel pain throughout the body, excessive fatigue, and dry cough. Thus, some people even had diarrhea a few days before.

2. Day 5

Patients will begin to experience difficulty of breathing, especially for those who are already old or are active smokers. The lungs will feel sore and tight.

3. Day 7

After a few days of experiencing pain, patients will start visiting the hospital. This can be said to be quite late. However, there are patients who come after the seventh day proven to be able to pass the critical period of the virus attack.

4. Day 8

About 15% of the total patients will get worse on the 8th day. Most of them experience an acute respiratory disorder called ARDS. ARDS stands for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. The worst Coronavirus symptoms include a buildup of fluid in the lung area so that it blocks the process of breathing.

5. Day 10

When symptoms of patients with ARDS get worse, they must be referred immediately to the ICU. This must be done so that they get more intensive care. In addition, patients generally lose their appetite and pain in the abdomen.

6. Day 17

The recovery process after a critical period lasts for 7 days. People are already allowed to leave the hospital if their condition improves gradually. Until now, the death rate due to coronavirus has reached 2.5% of the total infected patients.

Coronavirus symptoms do not always appear the same for people who have been infected. All depends on each other’s immunity. There are people who are strong so the arrival of the virus has no effect. However, the virus is contagious to other people around him. So, always be careful when making contact with others.

Best Natural Cold Remedies

Best Natural Cold Remedies to Try At Home

In this extreme weather, people are reckless and tend to be easily sick. They might get a cold. Catching a cold must be disturbing because it could linger for almost 10 days. This will depend on people’s immune system. A cold might lead to flue and fever. That is why you need to cure it as fast as possible. Anyway, today, we are going to discuss the best natural cold remedies. Also, we may talk about quick cold remedies too. Well. let’s check it out for further info below!

5 Best Best Natural Cold Remedies

There are several best natural cold remedies you should try to fight your cold. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

1. Peppermint

Best Natural Cold Remedies

Peppermint is not only useful to give flavor to sweets but also helps you to cure your headaches, sinuses, and cold. You might make a tea with peppermint or probably, you might use it for bathing. Add some essential oil and peppermint to the boiled water for your bathing. It is also possible to inhale it for two minutes.

2. Honey

Honey is useful for people. It could be for food flavoring, curing sickness, beauty, etc. If you catch a cold, you might try to drink warm water which is previously added by spoons of honey. Or you may drink it as syrup. This might not cure your cold but at least lessen the symptoms of cold.

3. Lemonade

Lemonade is a drink made with the juice of lemons, water, and sugar. It tastes good for sure. Plus, it is effective as the home remedies for cold and fever. You might also use juice as additional flavor to Indian tea.

4. Chicken soup

Chicken soup might be one of the ways to fight your cold. This has been even proved by some doctors. They believe consuming chicken soup may stop cold symptoms. For the best suggestions, add ginger, black pepper, and garlic to the chicken soup.

5. Warm saltwater

Let you gargle with warm saltwater. This might be helpful to clean your throat or stop it from feeling itchy or painful. Let you replace your usual mouthwash with this warm salt water soon.

Other Things You Can Do As Quick Cold Remedies

There are still many best natural cold remedies you could do to fight your cold. Let you read it below!

1. Stay hydrated

It is a must for you to keep hydrated. You might drink water, any water whether it is mineral water, tea, juice, raw fruits, etc) at least 9 glasses, for women. Please, remember to avoid drinking beverages with too much sugar. Also, it is prohibited to drink soda, coffee, or alcohol.

2. Hot shower

Why don’t you have a hot shower? This might get rid of tiredness and also your sickness including flu and cold. If you want, you can put a warm compress on your forehead or face.

3. Go see your doctor

If you want to have a fast recovery, you might go to the doctor. He may give you medicine for your cold.
Well, those are some best natural cold remedies you might try at your home. Do not forget to take a rest to get a fast recovery.

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