Month: June 2019

Helpful Tips to Do a Successful Sugar Detox

Sugar can make people addicted to it. Its ingredient eventually can damage health if it also consumed too much. In order to get back to the right track, meaning living a way healthier lifestyle, a sugar detox is the quickest way to let go of the habit of consuming too much sugar.

This article will try to provide information about what a sugar detox is actually, the urgency to do a sugar detox, and some helpful tips to be able to gain the effectiveness that is desired by going through such diet. Let’s start setting ourselves up for staying the less-sugar lifestyle!

The Urgency of Sugar Detox

Undergoing a detox means using the dietary lifestyle to support and even enhance the body’s existing detoxification pathway. In fact, our body already has every tool needed to be effectively performing detoxifications. This process is applied to regular body hormones, food waste, possible external toxins, and excessive substances that have gone through our blood. However, our body can feel too pressured or burdened, too, if an unhealthy lifestyle has been performed, for example, if there are too many consumptions presented. It leads us to the realization that we need to support the natural detoxification process by having more water, fiber, and exercises.

In this term, too much consumption of sugar can lead to an unhealthy condition. The importance to have a sugar detox is because the brain needs a break and helps to rewire from too much of its consumption.

Tips on Doing Sugar Detox

Below are some tips that we can perform on how to do a sugar detox successfully. Throw away the bad habit, and welcome to a less-sugar, healthier world of ours!

  1. Drink more water

If you do think you’ve been drinking soda and other sugary drinks more regularly than plain water, start quitting the habit and replacing the drinks with just water instead. The other alternatives can be unsweetened healthy tea and sparkling water. Soda and popular sugary drinks are totally not innocent, especially when we’re talking about the artificial sweeteners used that are above the suggested serving amount.

  1. Increase healthy fat and proteins

Meals with healthy fats can reduce our craving for excessive sugar intake. Fat is actually keeping the blood sugar level steady, and helping us to feel full. On the other side, enough protein for breakfast helps us to stay low on the sugar intake for lunch and dinner. The healthier dishes can be in the form of fresh fruits, especially avocado, coconut, and its products, nuts, and seeds.

  1. Live a healthier lifestyle

Basically, managing sugar intake can be really done by keep tracking the healthier lifestyles to perform. Manage stress wisely, so you don’t crave for too many sugary contents. Get enough sleep in order to stop the cravings for sugary meals and drinks because the blood sugar level hasn’t been stable since the night. Finally, never skip meals. Skipping meals only make you crave more sugar to feel up again. Keep your meals balanced and scheduled consistently. That way we have avoided taking too much sugar before it goes wrong.

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